Home Appliance for Insulated Cable Sheathing in 3 Types


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  1. Home Appliance Manufacturer: Electrolux
  2. How do we collaborate?
  3. What are the benefits of using Good Gi's insulating sleeves?
  4. How are insulating sleeves applied to household appliances?

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Various types of insulating sleeves are available to protect electrical wires, and their applications are extensive. This article will focus on insulating sleeves used in home appliances, and share a successful case study featuring the renowned home appliance manufacturer Electrolux, which uses high-quality Good Gi insulating sleeves.

Home Appliance Manufacturer: Electrolux


Electrolux is a Swedish home appliance manufacturer with a rich history spanning over a century. It is a global leader in the home appliance industry and owns several well-known brands, including Electrolux, AEG, and Frigidaire. They sell more than 60 million household and professional appliances worldwide each year. As of 2023, the company's market value exceeds 4 billion New Taiwan Dollars.

How do we collaborate?

As a supplier to Electrolux's wire harness factory, Good Gi understands that Thailand is a crucial manufacturing hub for white goods, offering vast market potential and growth opportunities. We are actively collaborating with Thailand's production plans and providing a wide range of sleeve products to meet the needs of Electrolux and the wire harness factory.

What are the benefits of using Good Gi's insulating sleeves?

As a manufacturer of insulating sleeves, Good Gi is dedicated to becoming our customers' most reliable partner. We are an ISO9001:2005 certified company with advanced manufacturing processes and technology, and we implement strict quality management to ensure that our products meet high-quality standards. Our stable product quality helps improve processing yield and assists customers in achieving minimal rework and inspection costs. We also offer one-stop procurement services, making it convenient for customers to find all the tubing and connectors they need for wire protection in one place, saving time searching for and maintaining multiple suppliers.

In the highly competitive market environment, Good Gi possesses both production and sales capabilities, enabling us to provide customers with the most competitive prices while saving costs and delivering value-added solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to become the most reliable partner by offering high-quality products and exceptional customer experiences.

How are insulating sleeves applied to household appliances?

In-home appliances, the application of insulating sleeves is highly diverse. We will introduce various tubing materials and their uses one by one.

PVC Tube: Widely used

PVC tubes offer a highly cost-effective advantage, making them the most widely used insulating and protective tubing material in household appliances. PVC tubes can withstand high temperatures up to 105°C for extended periods and endure extremely low temperatures as low as -40°C. Additionally, they boast excellent insulation properties, with an insulation strength of 15KV per millimeter, effectively shielding internal cables from external environmental interference. Moreover, PVC tubes come with a UL VW-1 flame retardant rating, ensuring effective fire prevention in emergencies.

In summary, PVC tubes offer an economical and practical solution, providing excellent resistance to high temperatures, adaptability to low temperatures, superior insulation, and flame-retardant properties. These qualities make PVC tubes ideal for protecting large home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines.

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Fiberglass Sleeves: Used for heating equipment

Fiberglass sleeves are mainly used in high-temperature equipment and for connecting wires to heaters. They provide insulation, heat resistance, and flame-retardant protection. They are commonly used in ovens, microwaves, rice cookers, and electric pots, among others. Good Gi produces fiberglass sleeves using locally sourced fiberglass and coating them with high-temperature-resistant silicone from Shin-Etsu, a Japanese company. This ensures a solution to issues such as uneven gluing, air bubbles, or easily breakable sleeves found in some products on the market.

Comparison of Low-Quality Fiberglass Sleeves and Good Gi High-Quality Fiberglass Tubes

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Heat Shrink Tube: Used for sealing, waterproofing, or in connections.

There are various types and materials of heat shrink sleeves available. For instance, if you have highly high-temperature requirements, around 200°C, we recommend choosing from the Teflon series of heat shrink sleeves, which includes PVDF heat shrink sleeves, FEP heat shrink sleeves, PTFE heat shrink sleeves, and PFA heat shrink sleeves. If you need both high-temperature resistance and flexibility, you can opt for silicone heat shrink sleeves or silicone tubing. In cramped spaces where applications involve hot water, such as coffee machines reaching temperatures up to 200°C, you can choose a silicone hose that remains non-toxic even under prolonged exposure to high temperatures. For damp environments where protection against moisture is essential, heat-shrink sleeves with adhesive properties can be selected to achieve a better sealing

Insulating sleeves play a crucial role in household appliances, offering diverse protection options to ensure the safe operation of wires and components in various environments. Different types and materials of insulating sleeves meet specific requirements of household appliances, such as high-temperature resistance, flame retardance, and waterproofing. As a manufacturer of insulating sleeves, Good Gi is committed to providing high-quality and versatile products, becoming the most reliable partner for our customers. Our products are widely used in household appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, ovens, and microwaves, ensuring their performance and durability receive optimal protection. In the future, we will continue to strive for excellence, innovate continuously, and provide customers with more advanced and reliable insulating sleeve solutions, together embracing the challenges and opportunities in the household appliance industry.

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