EV high voltage cable


The EV high voltage cable used in the electric vehicle's high-voltage electrical system is responsible for multiple key functions, including startup, driving, charging, and air conditioning power. The system primarily consists of the battery, high-voltage control system, charging system, high-voltage equipment, and wiring harness. The EV high voltage cable is utilized to connect the charging port, battery, engine, and other components and energy storage devices, playing a crucial role in electrical power transmission.

However, EV high voltage cables face challenges such as limited wiring space, handling high current and voltage, poor heat dissipation in extreme temperature environments, and the need to meet environmental and safety requirements, including resistance to oil, chemicals, and low smoke halogen-free flame retardance. Therefore, EV high voltage cables have extremely high performance requirements.

Product Name Operating Temp. Rated Voltage
3886 Single Core Unshielded Energy Storage Systems Cable - 1500V
-40~125℃ 1500V
Single Core Unshielded Cable - 1000V
-40~125℃ 1000V