Technical Advantages


In this industry, we are the only supplier who can provide overall solution with raw material research and production ability.
Monthly production capacity: 30 tons. Our technology originated from Royal Society of Chemistry-David Crofts.


Good Gi provides the most complete insulation solution with its coating experience for more than 30 years.
Since1988, we have applied many kinds of material such as varnish, silicone, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride for coating and curing on tubes.


Our advanced laboratory can conduct tests of insulation, temperature resistance, mechanical strength for tubes.
Quality and performance can be controlled at every step from the production to delivery.


Braiding is an art and our core technology.
Before the boom of the electronics industry, Good Gi had already begun to study braiding tubes. We have more than 1500 braiding machines,
which can braid the tubes you need for any application.


Products with low-pressure injection coating have both waterproof and structural functions.
This technology optimizes the structural design as well as improves the protection of electronic products.
Good Gi can assist customers in structural design for installation and evaluate the feasibility of molding.


Our manufacture sites are located in Taiwan and Shandong China
where we are able to provide either small batch for customers’ reliability testing or mass production for regular orders.


The accurate characteristics of our ingredients can adapt to the requirements of diversified plastic processing and applications.
Our special additives and professional equipment has allowed raw material to transcend interfacial boundaries
to achieve the best performance of evenly compound.


With its precise die head design and screw rod, our extrusion equipments are able to produce
round tubes, corrugated tubes, complex hollow shaped tubes, round bars and various shaped tubes from different materials.


Good Gi owns more than 30 automated machines to support our customers to cut soft or hard tubes at different lengths.
Customized demand like tube splitting or tube printing are also welcome.


The high-energy electron beam generated by radiation irradiation impacts the insulating layer and the sheath, and rearranges the polymer chain after being broken
to enhance the high-voltage resistance, aging resistance, and heat resistance of the tube.


Axial shrinkage is the core specification of heat shrinkable tubing and the leading technology of expansion makes us different.
By integrating the processes of heating, expansion, vacuum and more, we can produce the smallest specifications and the most stable quality in the industry.