Metal Flexible Conduit


What is the differernt between "square-lock" flexible conduit and "interlock" flexible conduit? and how to choose?

The square-lock and interlock flexible conduit are both produced by profiling steel strip and helically wound to flexible conduit.

The sauare-lock flexible conduit is designed and produced with wider pitch that forming corrugated surface.

The structure of interlock flexible conduit is more compact and surfce is flat.

Difference in structure brings different features for these two types of flexible conduit and fulfills requirement from different applications.

The loose structure gives better flexibility and lighter weight to square-lock flexible conduit. That is benefit for those applications require small space, limit weight for whole wiring

system, protection for lines at static position and etc..

Contrarily, the solid structure of interlock flexible conduit offers higher tensile resistance, anti twist and the inner and outer surface is flat so that the wires can be pushed through

the overall length smoothly. Interlock flexible conduit is good for the wire protection at dynamite position and in rough environment.

Depending on the environment conditions, square-lock and interlock flexible conduit are also available to be covered with plastic jacket to meet reqirements of water/moisture proof,

oil resistance, dust proof and etc. Further demands of abrasion resistance, anti compression or EMC resistance can be fulfilled by adding a metal braiding layer to advance the characteristics.

Photo Product Name Material Type Outer layer
product Doublelocked Galvanized Steel Flexible Conduit
Galvanized steel strip Doublelocked -
product Squarelocked Galvanized Steel Flexible Conduit
Galvanized steel strip Squarelocked (Soft) -
Photo Product Name Material Type Outer layer
product Waterproof Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit
Galvanized steel strip Doublelocked PVC