Utilization of Insulating Conduits in Power Distribution Board


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  1. Good Gi Advantages of Cooperation

  2. 4 types of insulating sleeves are commonly used in distribution boards

A Distribution board, also known as a panelboard or switchboard panel, is a device used to distribute electrical power and control the flow of electrical energy. It is a crucial component in power systems, offering distribution, maintenance, and protection management functions. Distribution panels are commonly found in residential, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and other locations.

Insulation tubes protect electrical wires and cables, which are crucial in distribution boards and other electrical devices to ensure stable and secure circuit operation.

Good Gi Advantages of Cooperation

Good Gi, a professional manufacturer of insulating conduits, is committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and internationally compliant insulating conduit products. Over the years, we have consistently pursued innovative research and development, not only enhancing product performance but also continually improving production efficiency to meet market demands. With over 40 successful collaborations with power distribution plants, we have solidified our reputation in the industry.

The success of each product is closely intertwined with every step, requiring not only individual expertise but also collaborative teamwork. Good Gi's high-quality insulating conduits provide distribution panel manufacturers with a superior material foundation, ensuring the final products' quality, performance, and safety. In turn, distribution panel manufacturers transform our products into practical distribution solutions in the market through assembly and processing, catering to the needs of end customers.

Distribution Board with insulating conduit by Good Gi

4 types of insulating sleeves are commonly used in distribution boards

Utilizing Good Gi's Convoluted Tubing and Quick Flexible Conduit Connector for the Distribution Board

  • Convoluted Tubing And Cable Gland

    Corrugated tubing, also known as convoluted tubing, is a common type of conduit used for outlet holes in Distribution boards. Made from plastic polyamide (nylon) material: Good Gi's Nylon Corrugated Tubing, possesses attributes such as high elasticity, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent insulation performance. These characteristics enable convoluted tubing to provide ample reliable protection for a variety of wires and cables within electrical panels, ensuring long-term stable operation.

    To ensure product safety and compliance, panelboard manufacturers often require convoluted tubing and cable gland to pass international UL certification. As a globally exporting manufacturer of insulating conduits, Good Gi assists clients in smoothly entering various international markets and gaining customer confidence, thus becoming a crucial element in crafting high-quality products.

  • Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing

    Individual wires alone might not withstand the required current load when transmitting high currents within a circuit. Busbars are prominent conductors that effectively carry high currents and offer low resistance in electrical systems. They facilitate single-point connections conveniently, allowing multiple power sources or loads to connect to a primary conductor. This reduces the number of connecting wires and simplifies circuit architecture.

    In the case of busbars, insulation protection is often achieved using busbar heat shrink tubing, which offers excellent electrical insulation performance to ensure power safety. It minimizes the risk of electrical arcs and short circuits, thus preventing system failures.

    Main features:

    1. Electrical Insulation: Available in different voltage conditions, with options including 600V / 1KV / 10KV / 20KV / 35KV.

    2. Easy Installation: The busbar heat shrink tubing is designed for convenient and efficient installation, even in large and complex enclosures or distribution panels.

    3. Flame Resistance: The busbar heat shrink is made of flame-resistant material to enhance safety and prevent the spread of fire during electrical malfunctions.

  • Heat Shrink Tubing

    Heat shrink tubing is also widely employed as insulating conduits in switchboard panels. Distribution panel manufacturers choose heat shrink tubing of different sizes, colors, and characteristics based on various needs and applications. Through the use of professional heat guns or ovens, heat shrink tubing is heated to ensure a snug fit with objects, achieving optimal insulation effectiveness and a neat appearance. Due to the processing required for shrinking, heat shrink tubing is typically not a large range used unless there's a need for waterproof sealing.

    The functions of heat shrink tubing can be categorized as follows:

    1. Protection: Heat shrink tubing of different materials offers varying functionalities, but most possess excellent electrical insulation properties to prevent leakage and short circuits. They also have good flame resistance to prevent accidental fires and inhibit fire propagation. Their weather resistance is remarkable as well, withstanding temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as over 100°C. For temperatures reaching up to 200°C, heat shrink tubing made from materials like Teflon can be chosen. (Get to know Good Gi's full range of high-temperature resistant heat shrinkable sleeves

    2. Repair: The Distribution board in wiring panels are often at junctions or repair spots. Heat shrink tubing is frequently used to enhance protection in these areas.

    3. Sealing: While standard heat shrink tubing may snugly fit wire bundles, achieving dust and waterproof sealing requires adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing. These types of tubing contain a low-melting-point adhesive that fills gaps between the heat-shrink tubing and wires or cables, effectively sealing them. (Learn about Good Gi's adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing

      Good Gi's heat shrink tubing with sealing capabilities

    4. Fixation: The tight wrapping nature of heat shrink tubing can help secure other conduits in desired positions, ensuring the stability of the entire distribution panel structure.

    5. Marking: Some heat shrink tubing includes marking areas or transparent options, allowing engineers or technicians to label or mark them for identification and maintenance convenience.

      Good Gi's clear heat shrink tubing acts as a replacement for conventional marking tubes, offering greater flexibility in diameter and shape.

    Through these functionalities, heat shrink tubing provides reliable protection and convenient management in the application of panelboards, ensuring the safe operation of wires and cables while complying with relevant standards and certification.

  • Blank Cable And Wire Marking Tube

    Example image of a marking tube

    Blank cable marking tubes offer insulation protection and labeling functions. Widely used in distribution boards, they not only enhance circuit identification efficiency but also aid in quick troubleshooting and management. Simultaneously, their durability and aesthetic appearance ensure the high quality and professionalism of distribution panels.

    Good Gi's MIT blank marker tubes, made from PVC material, are temperature-resistant, not cracking at -10°C and retaining their shape at high temperatures up to 100°C. The tubes feature a 12-tooth plum blossom anti-slip design on the inner side, ensuring secure positioning. Various wire number printing and cutting services are available.

In summary, Good Gi is the trusted supplier of insulating tubes for numerous distribution board manufacturers. With years of industry experience and professional expertise, we offer customers the highest quality products and services. Our diverse range of insulating conduits and cable glands allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to various distribution plants.

Regardless of the scale of your project, we are committed to assisting you in finding the most convenient, efficient, and competitively priced collaboration. If you have procurement needs or any inquiries related to the distribution board please feel free to .contact us at any time.