What is a Cable Gland? How do you choose a cable gland?


Table of Contents

  1. Knowing about the cable glands

  2. Why do we need to use cable glands?

  3. What are the types of cable glands?

  4. Common materials for cable glands

  5. How do you choose a suitable cable gland?

Knowing about the cable glands

Cable glands (also known as cable connectors , and cable fitting) are commonly used in the fixation and protection of wires and cables in precision mechanical equipment, switchboard, contral cabinet, marine electrical equipment, and outdoor equipment. The main function is to keep the cable outlet sealed, waterproof and dustproof. It can keep dangerous gas aways from entering the instrument or junction box to cause a short circuit or even an explosion. Using cable glands can prevent moisture intrusion which always causes poor insulation and shorten the life of electronic products.

Why do we need to use cable glands?

Most of the machines or equipment need to be connected with wires or cables to transmit power to run, or to transmit signal instruction to opearte. Therefore, when the external power supply is connected to the inside of the machine, it is necessary to open a hole on the sidewall of the device to allow wires and cables to enter and be connected.

To fix and protect the wires and cables when they are inserted through the hole of the sidewall machine board, the cable gland was created.

What are the types of cable glands?

  1. Straight cable gland: standard type

  2. Angled cable gland: 90-degree angle outlet

  3. Torsion-resistant cable gland: anti-bending protection wire and cable

Common materials for cable glands

  1. Nylon Cable Gland

    suitable for the general environment.

  2. Zinc Alloy Cable Gland

    used on products with high mechanical strength requirements and long-term outdoor use.

  3. Brass Cable Gland

    Brass with nickel plated is resistant to salt water, chemicals and corrosion.

  4. Stainless Steel Cable Gland

    with the higher corrosion resistance; for high mechanical strength or harsh environments.

  5. Special material Cable Gland

    used in an environment with special requirements, such as oil resistance, cold resistance, flame retardant, high-temperature resistance, etc.

How do you choose a suitable cable gland?

Firstly, the material depends on the application environment. Such as whether the temperature resistance is suitable? Nylon material (A, C, F above) can reach -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃; if the clamping ring and gasket (B, E above) are EPDM, then it can reach -60℃~160℃. Confirm if the waterproof and dustproof grade reaches IP68. And the flame retardant grade is divided into UL94HB, UL94V-2, UL94V-1, UL94V-0 (highest) according to different raw materials. Make sure whether it needs acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, and other functions.

Secondly, according to the outlet way of equipment, we can choose the suitable type of cable gland. Good Gi Co., Ltd provides straight type, 90-degree angle type, and torsion-resistant type to ensure that the wire and cable will not be dangerous due to misuse or excessive stress.

Lastly, the final step is to decide on the right size. At first, make sure the inner diameter of the rubber inner plug is in line with the outer diameter of the wire and cable so that it can be completely sealed with the cable gland and has sufficient tensile strength. Then ensure that the length of the joint thread is enough to pass through the locking nut on panel. Good Gi Co., Ltd. provides short threads for faster locking when used on thin panel as well as long threads for thick panel.

If the hole of the board is with tapped thread, it is necessary to confirm which kind of tapped thread of the hole is. Commonly there are M tooth, PG tooth, G tooth, and NPT tooth. Finally, confirm that the outer diameter of the joint will not interfere with the structure of the equipment.

Ask Good Gi for free samples

If you are not sure which cable gland is the right type to fit your products, pleasecontact Good Gi Co., Ltdto help you confirm the specifications and ask for free samples.

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