Resistance Acid/Alkali Fireproof Corrugated Tubing Fitting


Product Introduction

Fireproof Corrugated Tubing Fitting

 utilizes a polypropylene plastic connector designed for use with corrugated or ribbed pipes. Featuring a special clamping ring design, it effectively seals to achieve an IP68 dust and water resistance rating, while also offering excellent fireproof and chemical resistance capabilities. It has obtained SGS acid and alkali certification, making it resistant to corrosion from strong acids, strong alkalis, and ketone solvents. Widely applied in areas such as electroplating equipment, wet processes for printed circuit boards (PCBs), pharmaceuticals, and wastewater treatment in demanding environments with varying pH levels.


  • Material:A, C, and F made of Polypropylene, use UL approved 94V-2 Fire rating , customizable flammability rating UL94V-0.B and D are made of EPDM weather-resistant rubber.

  • Wording temperature:-40℃ - 100℃ and heat up to 120℃ instantly.

  • Protection Degree: IP68

  • Colors:Black, gray, and other colors available upon request.

  • Thread Spec: Metric, PG, G (PF / BSP / PS), NPT

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